I grew up in Umtentweni, a small seaside town on the east coast of South Africa, surfing after school most days and working weekends as a lifeguard. After school I boldly struck out in search of waves, fame and fortune, ending up in London and using it as a base to see the world. When the Queen sent me home I did a quick year in Mozambique as a dive camp manager before making it down to Cape Town, quickly discovering the stills production industry and a 6-year joy-ride as an on set production manager. Then one day the world stopped turning left and started spinning right, I’d fallen in love with an English girl, a client!

The client became my wife, family life followed and with it financial responsibilities and a permanent position as a full time producer at a top production company. Two years into this, the opportunity arose to own the company with my two hometown friends. Six years on, after very many amazing productions in-between the blood sweat and tears, I dreamt of a new business model, one where I could run my own production company in a way that gave me more time with my family as well as producing the best possible value and work commitment for my clients. My son Harrys’ nickname is “Hoops”. And so, in honour of the core values of my new business model, this dream company is called: ‘Hoops Productions’.